429 Days

Time passes so quickly. A blink and they arrive. Blink again and they sleep through the night, crawl, stand, walk and now run/pull/tear/push/break/fall/laugh/cry/steal/share.

They are a handful and the biggest blessings ever.

They test our patience and give us great big smiles.

Brady James – You currently have 4 top teeth and only 3 bottom teeth. You are trying to copy any words I say and at night when I whistle to Daddy to come help tuck you in to bed, you try to copy my whistle. It’s the cutest, sweetest thing. You love to sit in my lap and watch the tropical fish swim around the reefs on your DVD.

Bo William – You have 4 top and 4 bottom teeth. You can crawl up onto the couch and you love to play chase. You smile so big and laugh so much. You are our eater – as often and as much as possible!! And it shows – you are quite possibly a full pound heavier than your brother!

And together you both follow each other and alternatively share with and steal from each other. You are truly best friends.

Life is more hectic and infinitely more sweeter with you two in our lives!


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