“Do twins run in your family?” were the first words the nurse said during our ultrasound.

My response: laughter.

My husband: “No, is that what that is?”

Talk about a shock. Two little heart flickers. Two little blobs blinking at us on the grainy screen. We have had about 529,876,453 ultrasounds since then and it is still mindblowing to see two heads, two bodies, two hearts beating inside me.

We are in the final stretch of pregnancy. Every bone in my body aches, swelling is in full force and I can’t go 20 minutes without a bathroom break. I lamented the other night that it takes me a minimum of 30 seconds just to roll over in bed. After a preterm labor scare that landed us in the hospital at 29 weeks for 21 days, these boys have settled in and are nice and cozy six weeks later. I am now 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I am counting down each second until they arrive. Here’s to less than 2 weeks to go!