35 Weeks 4 Days

I have always been competitive, but this is ridiculous. I have now made everyone stop giving me goals to hit before these babies are born. At 29 weeks I was admitted to the hospital for preterm labor and our doctor said we had a goal of 32 weeks. Twenty-one days later we were discharged with both babies still tucked safely in my womb. As we were leaving the nurse said she would see us in JULY when our babies would be born (it was June 7th). I chuckled and thought, “There is NO WAY we will make it until July.”

Our doctor said we should try to make it to 34 weeks. And then to 35 weeks.

And here we are – in JULY at 35 weeks and 4 days. All I know is these babies better come soon or I am going to explode!

It does feel like we are getting closer. All contractions are accompanied by cramping and now nausea. Yay for third trimester nausea! And plenty of other “fun” signs that labor is imminent.

Baby A is still head down and almost fully engaged (he’s at a -1 station) and Baby B is head down but a little sideways. We are still going to try to avoid a C-section for both babies.

Who knows – maybe these boys will make their arrival in the next 24 hours!

Help is on the Way!

Here are a few of my favorite twin resources:

Girls Gone Child – Rebecca is a momma to four beauties: Archer, Fable and her twin girls Bo & Rev. She writes about all things, but I loved to go through each “twin pregnancy” post to evaluate how I was moving along compared to her.

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads – a great book by Dr. Barbara Luke filled with real life stories and guidance. A MUST READ!

Friends who have twins – I have five sets of friends who have twins. Even crazier – I’m the third set of identical twins! They are a great help. With the increase in twin births these days, I would bet everyone knows someone with twins. Gather all the wisdom you can!

What are some of your favorite twin resources?

Life at 35 Weeks

What does life look like at 35 weeks pregnant with twins?

Mostly sitting around – because you are too swollen and sore to walk.

Applying a lot of lotion – because your skin is raw and feels like it will burst.

Drinking warm soy milk with honey – because heartburn is no joke.

Reading books – because you need to stay occupied and distracted.

Watching TV – see above.

And hoping each contraction will lead to labor – because you are over it and ready to meet your babies.


“Do twins run in your family?” were the first words the nurse said during our ultrasound.

My response: laughter.

My husband: “No, is that what that is?”

Talk about a shock. Two little heart flickers. Two little blobs blinking at us on the grainy screen. We have had about 529,876,453 ultrasounds since then and it is still mindblowing to see two heads, two bodies, two hearts beating inside me.

We are in the final stretch of pregnancy. Every bone in my body aches, swelling is in full force and I can’t go 20 minutes without a bathroom break. I lamented the other night that it takes me a minimum of 30 seconds just to roll over in bed. After a preterm labor scare that landed us in the hospital at 29 weeks for 21 days, these boys have settled in and are nice and cozy six weeks later. I am now 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I am counting down each second until they arrive. Here’s to less than 2 weeks to go!